Luke Worthington, a qualified Sports Scientist, has a lifetime of experience in international and elite level sport. Having been a former international athlete and world record holder he has an understanding of the unique demands athletes place on their bodies, and is in high demand to work with both healthy and injured individuals.

Luke has a keen interest in working with individuals recovering from injury, and is proud to be at the forefront of a new approach to treatment of both athletes and general population known as Postural Restoration, developed in Nebraska, USA. Having spent several years travelling to and from the US to learn these techniques, Luke is working towards becoming the first person in the UK to be fully PRT certified.

Having worked in the UK, USA, Russia and Ukraine, Luke is fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the Worlds leading coaches and medical professionals in preparing athletes for competition at British, European, Commonwealth, World, and Olympic level. His client list includes multiple World champions across a variety of sports, as well as performers and dancers from the leading shows in Londons West End,  New York Broadway, and the Las Vegas strip.

Coming from a background in professional sports, Luke’s philosophy is we are all athletes. We all want and need our bodies to perform optimally and pain free. Whether our aim is to score the winning goal in the world cup final, or just to look a little better for a summer holiday – we all have the right to enjoy what our bodies can do for us without causing ourselves damage.

Luke’s belief is that we can optimise our physical potential by understanding the relationship between biomechanics, neuromechanics and psychology. Once we understand that these systems are in fact one – we can truly understand what we are capable of.