Helping people move better, think better and feel better.

Based in London, Luke Worthington has trained World Champions across five different sports as well as prepared Oscar, Emmy and Tony award winning performers for some of the biggest roles on stage and screen.

His approach to human movement and performance is 360 degree, and covers the connection and correlation between movement, neurology,  psychology and emotional wellbeing.

Luke is a qualified Sports Scientist, and has a lifetime of experience in international and elite level sport. Having been a former international athlete and world record holder he has an understanding of the unique demands athletes place on their bodies.


The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows Half full, and two day training courses for educating your staff in biomechanics, assessment methods, breathing mechanics, movement neurology and program design. Workshops and staff ‘in services’ are also available on request.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X.


Luke is an experienced panel speaker, and has spoken on panels for multiple leading media and consumer product brands, and at leading industry events.


Often a series of connected individuals coming in for assessments is neither the most practical or economical solution, for sports teams or groups of performers.  In this instance a consultancy service is available to visit you in your own training facility or performance arena, evaluate training, practise and performing facilities and conditions, then implement changes and recommendation on a large scale.



I have been working closely with Luke for the past year using his system of PRI exercises and strength training. This has allowed me to have my hip back pain free. I call him my saviour. I had an injury to my hip due to intense dance training for a West End show which eventually led to major surgery. Luke has changed my day to day life and has made my rehabilitation a speedy and positive recovery, to the stages of The Bodyguard, 42nd Street and BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. Being an athlete you are on a constant cycle, you don't stop and my body wasn't keeping up with me, and now it does. This system works and I can't thank Luke enough for keeping my body in top form, allowing me to dance and train in the correct posture leaving my hip pain free and feeling good.


Luke’s taught me many things about the brain and body but what stands out is that resting doesn’t mean stopping. In less than six months he’s helped me move from a highly stressed, highly strung state to a place where I no longer feel anxious about getting in enough workouts. I’m doing less but seeing more results, and sleeping through the night. I’ve finally wised up to the fact that you can’t out train a frantic lifestyle but you can use your time in the gym to bring life back into balance.

- AMY HOPKINSON, Digital Editor Women's health

I was on the same Team as Luke when winning the English Schools title twice in Track & Field. We reunited several years later when I was looking for someone who could put together a detailed training programme to get me in the best shape of my life for the Winter Olympics.

4 months into the programme I had broken my personal records in my vertical jump (54 inches) my flying 30m 3.75 seconds, my standing long 3m25 not to mention 6 different core lifts in the gym. What I like about Luke is that his programme is tailored to me.

LIAM COLLINS, World Indoor Champion 60m Hurdles, National Champion 110m Hurdles.

“Being based in Los Angeles, but often fighting in Europe, I needed a man on the ground in the UK to help with achieving peak performance at the time when it’s needed. Splitting training and competition between continents and time zones can undo months of preparation.

Luke has a strong relationship with my coaches in the USA and is always able to understand where I am at with my conditioning prep before I even arrive. When it comes to fine tuning my athletic training and being confident that I am on point – this is my go-to guy. I would highly recommend anyone looking for that extra edge in performance to check out what he’s got going on.”

MARCUS KOWAL, Professional MMA Fighter

“I had thought my professional football career was over before I met Luke. I was unable to complete 90 minutes of a game without feeling excessive tension in my calves and hamstrings. Having seen physio after physio and no one being able to resolve it I was running out of options until I was recommended to go and see Luke. After conducting a biomechanical analysis we discovered that my problems were actually coming from an imbalance in my hips and pelvis, and after getting going with some corrective exercises the problems disappeared almost immediately. I feel lucky to have been introduced to Luke, and to have a second chance at my career."

PAT COLLINS, Professional Footballer, Sunderland and England

“Luke Worthington is a cutting edge trainer who respects three dimensions of movement and multiple human systems when analysing fitness performance. His respect for the nervous system, the respiratory system and full body biomechanics make him one of the best in all of Europe. It is truly a pleasure to collaborate with a forward thinking professional of Luke's caliber."

JAMES ANDERSON, MPT, PRC Faculty and Affiliate Course Director for the Postural Restoration Institute Lincoln, Nebraska USA