902, 2021

My go-to Positional Breathing Drill

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Positional breathing drills have been used in clinical and rehab settings by the Postural Restoration Institute for many years - however  - more recently they have found their way into the worlds of sports performance, and [...]

1101, 2021

Scapula Winging – is it really a thing?

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Scapula winging is one of those 'niggles' that almost every trainer or fitness professional will be aware of,  and will almost certainly have had a client complain of. However,  what do we really mean by [...]

2612, 2020

Should your knees go over your toes when you squat ?

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One of the age old debates of the health, fitness, and training worlds  - and of course in the age of social media is one that everyone has a view on - is the question [...]

2612, 2020

Beginners Guide to Building a Training Plan (part 2)

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As we know from reading part one here,  strength, or resistance training should be the foundation of our exercise plan.  The next question is how do we know what to do!? The human body can [...]

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