• Exclusive Two Day Strategic Strength Workshop hosted by Tony Gentilcore and Luke Worthington.

    Date | September 14th & 15th 2019 Location | AMP Athletic, Beaumont Mews, London Time | TBC

    In this two-day, NSCA accredited, theory and practical course Luke and Tony will break down upper and lower extremity assessment,  discuss and demonstrate how to scale common strength training exercises to better meet the needs and abilities of your athletes and clients.

    Demonstrate and workshop how to evaluate, address and write programs for common musculoskeletal dysfunctions/injuries,  as well as delve into some of the softer skills required to make you a better coach.

    This will be the only time this year to be taught by Luke and Tony in the UK.

    The itinerary for the weekend is:
    Day 1
    • Coaching competencies
    • Theory and rational of assessments
    • Assessing and addressing common shoulder dysfunction
    • Breaking down the squat
    • Breaking down the deadlift
    Day 2
    • Breathing mechanics and why it matters for just about everything
    • Assessing and addressing common hip dysfunction
    • Breaking down the bench press
    • Breaking down the pull up
    • Introduction to neuromechanical references
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    Bridging the Gap: from rehab to performance - paving the way from assessment to elite athletic development.

    Date | July 6th & 7th 2019 Location | AMP Athletic, Marylebone, London Time | TBC

    Bridging the gap is a two day seminar bringing together experts in client assessment and evaluation, coaching and programming, and clinical intervention and correction. The goal of this course is to help attendees understand how the disciplines of Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Athletic Trainer and Physiotherapist all work together to promote the best possible outcomes for clients and athletes.

    Sue Falsone, brings a lifetime of experience in elite sport, having been the former Head Athletic Trainer for the LA Dodgers, and worked privately for many leading players and teams in the NFL and the NBA.  Sue sits on the Global Performance Council for Nike

    Nike Global Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule  has over 15 years hands on experience coaching a wide range of clients from international athletes to casual gym go-ers.  Joslyn is one of the very best I know at getting her clients to do what is needed.

  • Finally a comprehensive education system brought together by 8 trainers and medical professionals from around the World. The Complete Trainers Toolbox gives you the exact strategies you need to take your fitness profession to the next level.

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