2703, 2021

How to manage your return to the gym

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With gyms in the UK set to re-open their doors on 12th April there are a lot of questions being asked around how to get back into the swing of things as quickly and efficiently [...]

902, 2021

My go-to Positional Breathing Drill

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Positional breathing drills have been used in clinical and rehab settings by the Postural Restoration Institute for many years - however  - more recently they have found their way into the worlds of sports performance, and [...]

1101, 2021

Scapula Winging – is it really a thing?

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Scapula winging is one of those 'niggles' that almost every trainer or fitness professional will be aware of,  and will almost certainly have had a client complain of. However,  what do we really mean by [...]

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