2107, 2019

The number one skill you need as a Personal Trainer

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As I'm sure anyone reading this will know, Im a big fan of consituining education in the world of heath and fitness.  I often say in workshops that completing your mandatory training and 'getting your [...]

1107, 2019

More thoughts on gait, and what to do about it

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Gait, walking, or running , is the most fundamental of all human movement patterns. We evolved to have a bipedal reciprocal gait pattern that allows all of our body’s other complimentary systems to function – everything [...]

607, 2019

Do you even reciprocally rotate bro?

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Why do we care about internal rotation at the hip (specifically the FA joint) ? Being able to internally rotate at the hip joint is a necessary action for non-compensatory gait.  In other words it’s [...]

604, 2019

Training the England Football Legends, Harrys Heroes

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Last Summer I was lucky enough to join the nations favorite uncle, the one and only Harry Redknapp in re assembling a team of England football legends and getting them back in shape for one [...]

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