611, 2017

Glute Training – For more than just an Instagram like

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Your butt is your body’s powerhouse. The glute muscles have the largest cross sectional area of the body and are capable of producing incredible torque at the hip – your most important joint. It’s here [...]

2303, 2017

Best Exercises You’re not doing – the Turkish Get Up

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Aside from helping you cut a steely core, the TGU increases stability and upper body control – powering you to a stronger overhead press. Why muscle up the motivation to train if your workout doesn’t [...]

1503, 2017


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Pro athletes around the globe have been paying a lot of attention to a muscle they can't see or touch: the diaphragm.  Having studied under the US based Postural Restoration Institute, I set about trying to understand why....We are pre programmed [...]

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