104, 2016

Staying in Your Lane

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Having worked in sports, health, and fitness since starting my undergrad sports science degree in 1997, (when I remember not picking up my new University email address for a whole term thinking this interweb thing [...]

211, 2015

Assessing Control In the Sagittal Plane

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Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a superb seminar in San Francisco to further my education in the science of the Postural Restoration Institute or PRI for short. It was such a [...]

2704, 2014

How Functional is the Overhead Squat?

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I am well aware that this post may upset a few people – and whilst upsetting people is not its main aim – I do like to encourage people to challenge ideas, ask questions, and [...]

1703, 2014

Stretch What's Tight…..?

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That’s what we’re all taught in PT school right?  Strengthen what is weak and stretch what is tight…  Or in todays parlance – mobilize and stabilize. Is it that simple though?  How many clients do you [...]

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